Recruiters love SearchNRecruit

"This app is gold! It makes it easy to see the likelihood that a prospective hire will not only respond to my e-mail but also leave his or her current job."

Nathaniel Bruno,

Hiring Ninja , All Systems Go Advising

"We have been using SearchNRecruit service for past few months. On occasions when LinkedIn Inmail failed, SearchNRecruit helped us to connect with candidate leads and present them to hiring managers."

Thyaga Venkat

CEO, Wiziotec Corp.

"With Linkedin Recruiter you can sometimes go months without ever hearing back from even a single candidate. With SearchNRecruit I started scheduling several great candidates for interviews within the first month of use."

Bob Godwin,

Founder and Seasoned Recruiter, Resource Management Group

Schedule Several Great Candidate Interviews

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Popular features

Search by keywords

Search for candidates by skills, location, titles, current company and any keyword.

See who is poachable

Our proprietary advance machine learning algorithms will show you who is poachable today

Advanced analytics

See who is a star performer, an early adopter, likely to mark your email as spam or likely to respond

Multiple social media profiles

See 360 degree view of the candidate. Communicate through any one of the multiple emails ( corporate or private)

Contact multiple candidates

Create lists, compose email templates, send a single or mass email.

Track your emails

See which of the candidates may be interested by tracking their clickthroughs, opens and forwards. Get reports, SMS and email notifications in real time

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